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Our 2-year review is about our membership and communication achievements, yet let’s not forget what Andrew Morlet, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, said at an address to the Remanufacturing Industries Council in the USA in 2018: no one knows what remanufacturing is (and isn’t).  There is work to be done, but the issue is where best to focus limited resources. For now, trying to change consumer perceptions is impossibly expensive when there are more urgent priorities.  Our priority is to work with policy makers, so they understand how to help businesses design multi-life products – by removing the many regulatory barriers to remanufacturers and reforming the economic incentives so that remanufacturing is seen as a rational part of many more product life cycles.

After that, it is the leadership of the OEMs in the Council, the OEM-approved third-party remanufacturers and the disruptive forces from independents that will drive change – mostly in the B2B space – at least for now.

There is much to do if we are to reach €100 billion in sales for the European sector.  If, after reading our two-year review, you want to join us, please get in touch here.

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