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The Automechanika trade show in Birmingham is a lesson in how small businesses in the automotive aftermarket adapt quickly - no matter what gets thrown at them. On 7 June, David Fitzsimons will be joining a panel at this year’s Automechanika show led by the British Standards Institute to debate aspects of the circular economy.

It will be a chance to meet friends from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), take the temperature of the post EU-Exit trade debate, and ask whether electrification and control of data from our ever smarter vehicles are still the debates to join.

Nobody believes this is a place to witness much in the way of sustainability: “I like to stop and talk to people selling parts and services at the show – it is rare to find anyone who has heard of the circular economy,” says David, “but almost everyone is curious and keen to find out if there is money to be made from it.”

And there are plenty of examples to categorise as circular economy - from the remanufactured turbo-chargers to the repair and restoration services for alloy wheels.  And why not?  Isn’t this in essence a place where everyone believes in extending the life of vehicles?

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